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Update on In Person Gatherings

I've been getting some questions about why we aren't having indoor meetings as some churches have started doing at the reduced 25% capacity. I personally know of at least two that are currently promoting indoor services on Facebook and another three I see cars parked outside their buildings each Sunday and I can only assume its because they are having indoor services.

I have been in contact with the Benton County Health District and they have informed me in no uncertain terms that indoor church services are not permitted in Benton county at this time, only outdoor services. Indoor services will no be allowed until at least Phase 2 of reopening.

Any church who chooses to ignore these guidelines is open to being reported and having fines levied against them.

While this continues to be a point of frustration for all of us, we have decided to not go against the guidelines. We will continue to have our worship service online each Sunday at 10am. You can join in at

Hopefully this clears some things up.

Pastor Tom

We are aware that these can be challenging times and we want you to know we are here for you to help in anyway we can. Please use the button below to contact us for any reason.